Inspection software for castings


The MatriX proprietary MIPS-NDT software was especially designed for the manual and automatic X-ray inspection of castings. The software supports 2D and 3D inspection plus a combination of both methods. The capability to integrate the CT inspection into the fully automatic procedure is unique. To guarantee an optimum X-ray image quality, MIPS-NDT software offers a modular filter library, where the filter technique needed for an optimum analysis of the respective application can be set. Manual as well as automatic analysis methods (e.g. automatic void detection) can be used for defect and material analysis. For the inspection of small series, test positions can be teached via the Teach & Go mode before analyzing via manual classification methods. For serial testing including automatic high-quality void detection with high resolution and detection rates, it is recommended to use the MIPS difference image technology.

Software Features

  • Automatic test cycle processing
  • Fully automatic image registration
  • Object localization with automatic test region detection
  • Automatic plausibility check (e.g. hiding of the burr in the reference image)
  • Defect classification (porosity, blowholes, oxides, nests, inclusions)
  • Determination of depth extension of defects
  • Geometrical measurements (wall thickness,...)