Statistical Tool


The MIPS-DPMO Statistical Tool is a MatriX proprietary software unit for statistical processing of inspection data. The DPMO or defects per million opportunities value is the central quality measure, further data is evaluated around it. DPMO value incorporates the amount of all possible failures and so enables to make units with different complexity comparable, becoming more and more required within the automotive industry. MIPS Verify stations export inspection and verification result data into a Microsoft SQL Server database. A plugin runs statistical analysis and presents the results in tables and charts. The plugin can be used in MIPS-SPC Viewer or in MIPS-Tune. Data storage in a central database provides high availability of data pool, large data capacity and distributed locations for both data export and statistical data analysis. Statistics are assembled based on filters. Filter criteria are Date/Time, Products, Systems, Lines and Lots etc.

Software Features

  • DPMO: defects in relation to inspected items
  • Module Yield: defect-free modules in relation to inspected modules
  • Trend for DPMO and Yield over the last weeks
  • Drilldown tables list number of defects per triple combinations of Defect Types, Partnumber, Product, System/Line, Shape etc.
  • Charts illustrate defect distribution over Defect Types, Products, Lines etc.
  • Inspection results of single barcodes
  • Automatic report generation