Training Tool


The MIPS-Trainer Software was designed to support today’s electronic manufacturers with respect to training and qualification proof of their verification personnel. The images (good/bad) captured by the MatriX inspection systems integrated in your production process can be used to train and qualify your verification staff. The qualification test is a multiple choice test that can be individually created based on your specific requirements. The results of the tests are registered for history record and for analysis. The MIPS-Trainer Software consists of a generator program for generation and management of training material and multiple choice tests. The test output is made with the multi user compatible Viewer Tool supporting a training and test run on more than one workstation at a time.

Software Features

  • User Management and password protection
  • Training file and Multiple Choice Test Management
  • Use of application specific images of your inspection systems
  • Multiple choice test generation – and editing
  • Result management
  • Certificate generation